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It's crazy how love finds its way to two people that grew up on different sides of the world.  James grew up in Hong Kong and I grew up in Dallas, Texas. James left Hong Kong to attendcollege in New York and I was born and raised in Dallas,Texas. While in New York, James received a job offer in Dallas and decided to take it for his love of southern accents. It was supposed to just be temporary but then he met me. James was different than the normal guys in Dallas I had dated before. James was from Asia, with a slight Brittish accent that I couldn't say no to. On Halloween of 2009 he asked me to be his girlfriend. We spent many years having fun and getting to know each other. In 2015, on a romantic beach in Cancun, James asked me to marry him. It couldnt have been more perfect.

We knew we wanted something unique and different to capture this special time in our lives. That's why we chose Raphael Serrano Photography to capture our engagements. Raphael and his wife Angelica really have an eye for something that will stand out and be different. Raphael's passion and drive to capture greatness really shows. We are extremely happy with the whole process of working with Raphael Serrano Photography. These pictures will forever stay in our family.

Probably the most important moments in a person's life is the marriage ceremony. They would like to cherish their memories, to enable them to share them with their children later on. Pictures were taken at the throughout a wedding ceremony enable them to cherish it permanently. These types of precious memories can be along with you forever. Angelica & Rafael Serrano, Wedding Photographers are the well-known and renowned professional wedding photographers in the industry. Rafael Serrano Photography is a countrywide photography company, based in Dallas, Texas.