I guess some people would say that the way met is uncommon and some would even consider it strange and dangerous, but what they don't realize is the memories we have created and better yet here we are planning a wedding.

So our story begins with a little something called social media or to be even more specific Facebook, yes that’s the devil of break ups but in our case it actually United us into forming a stable relationship. I guess we can say that in order to call something a stable relationship you first have to meet the other person in my case I had to do a little begging and even had to use some of my salesperson skills but finally I was able to persuaded her to dinner one day. I still remember as I drove up to her house to pick her up there were so many thing flashing through my head like why the hell would she trust me with her address not knowing if I was some type of serial killer which thang God I am not but as I arrived I still remember seeing this pretty girl walking out some jeans on and yellow top up I said to my self I guess pictures can be deceiving because this girls was actually way prettier in person! But as we sat down on the table for dinner I can just reminiscent and flash forward to now 6 years later and now more than ever we are fully committed to one another I'm not just having a wife but gaining a stepdaughter as well now to start counting down the days to our lovely wedding on May 5, 2017!

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