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The most important thing to look at when hiring a wedding photographer is their style. When you see their work, you have to love it. Photography is an art, and each artist is going to see the world in a different way

Look at the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, and the Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. They are both beautiful works of art, and the are both very valuable. They are also very different from each other. If you were to ask Leonardo to paint the Starry Night, it’ll look nothing like van Gogh’s original masterpiece, and vice versa.

In the end, your photographer’s style is going to be the artwork displayed on the walls of your home. It’s your wedding day. It should be displayed in way that you’re going to love it for many years to come.




When selecting a wedding photographer you are selecting more than just a photographer for your wedding day. You are hiring a wedding photographer that will be with you, your family and your group all day on your wedding day. Personality is a huge part of the selection process and should not be overlooked or discounted in any way.

Your wedding photographer’s personality can set the tone for your entire wedding day and your bridal party. Ultimately it can impact your wedding photography altogether. You will more than likely be working with your wedding photographer for a year, or longer in some cases, by the time you factor in your engagement session and post wedding photography and albums.


#3 - PRICE


Don't let price dictate who you hire. Find an artist who will tell your story the way you want it to be told, with the style you love. Even if they are a little over your budget, it'd be well worth the investment. If they are over your budget, still talk to them! You'll never

know if they can help you, until you ask. When it’s all said and done, your wedding photography will be all you have to remember your wedding day




What will you do with all your images from your wedding photographer? Most people opt to place them in a beautifully designed wedding album that your wedding photographer should provide you with. Don’t underestimate the importance of a wedding album from your wedding day. This is your first family heirloom and your one keepsake you will have forever to remember your wedding.

When selecting a wedding photographer you should look for an album that best represents you and your new family. Wedding albums come in all shapes and sizes. Questions you should ask your wedding photographer are…

1) How many pages come in the wedding album?

2) How many images will be in the wedding album?

3) What options are available for me to customize my wedding album?




Something often overlooked when selecting a wedding photographer is the number of hours that will be offered during the coverage of your wedding. Typically you will want your wedding photographer to be with you to document all the moments of your wedding day. After all, that’s what you are hiring them for. That being said, typical coverage requirements for your wedding day should be about 8-10 hours.

Be careful here. Some wedding photographers offer cut-rate prices by offering you less than adequate wedding coverage for your day. These become hidden costs and once you realize it, it’s often too late.




How many photographers are you getting for your wedding day? This is important. Many events need two photographers, and this adds to the overall story telling of your day. While your main photographer is directing you and your wedding party, your second photographer will be capturing the moments behind the scenes. During the ceremony, you'll be able to get both photos of you coming down the aisle and your groom's face as he sees you for the first time. These are moments you don’t want to miss.

We find that by having two wedding photographers at your event, your wedding photography needs can best be met all while ensuring that nothing gets missed from your big day.




Don't skip the engagement session! It's a great way to work with your wedding photographer before your wedding day. Not only do you feel more relaxed around your photographer; your photographer will have a better understanding of the poses that flatter you the most. You'll feel and look fabulous on your wedding day, knowing your photographer already knows what you like.




Don't just hire the first John Smith with a camera. You don't want to just jump into a contract, only to regret the decision a few weeks later. Do a little research and window shopping for that perfect artist for your wedding day first. When you do find a photographer you love, make sure they have your date available. If they do, don’t wait too long to book them. No one wants to hear the words, “Sorry, we just booked that date.”